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Reflections uses its strong technical knowledge and domain expertise to help clients in the healthcare industry with application development, system integration and other custom software needs. Our areas of medical software development expertise cover insurance claims processing solutions, data collection and analysis tools, medical hardware integration, mobile and web based applications and more.    

Media and Entertainment

Market realities continue to reshape the media and entertainment industry: Technology platforms are evolving rapidly, new business models are emerging, consumer viewing habits are changing and new competition is arising from multiple sectors. Reflections helps media and entertainment companies adapt to the realities of the digital age, breaking new ground to simplify operations, better understand consumers, provide content effectively and capitalize on new opportunities.

Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance, one of the industries requiring high intellect, is growing faster than ever before. To cater to the demand of this challenging, interesting and vast sector, Reflections has all the necessary infrastructure and expertise and proven expertise in banking application customization sector.

Retail and Shopping

The success of retailing lies in providing the consumer with the right product - at the right time and at the right place. Achieving Clear understanding of customer needs, Well-run store operations, Seamless and efficient Supply Chain, Proper matching demand and supply to enable the maintenance of stocks at each location. Reflections has worked extensively on designing and developing retail and shopping applications with state of the art technology which has provided a competitive advantage for the customers.

Logistics and CRM

Transportation and Logistics Services covers a range of activities dealing with how resources are acquired, and transported in addition to how they are managed while in transit along the supply chain. Today's transport services represent global activities with complex partnering and logistical relationships all operating within tight time constrains. It is a competitive industry and customers typically expect competitive pricing offers in an effort to enhance their own sales activities.

Social Media

Social Media is the best method for increasing on-line presence on social networks. Reflections helps you in launching and managing the successful Social Media Campaign or Social Media Marketing applications using various latest techniques.

User Experience

"User experience" encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products. The first requirement for an exemplary user experience is to meet the exact needs of the customer. Next comes simplicity and elegance that produce products that are a joy to own, a joy to use. True user experience goes far beyond giving customers what they say they want. In order to achieve high-quality user experience Reflections provides seamless merging of the services of multiple disciplines, including engineering, marketing, graphical and industrial design, and interface design.