Javascript Framework


Reflections is a fan of this tiny library which transforms the whole web into a fully interactive and entertaining experience. jQuery plugins and widgets are amongst the most loved components within the Reflections front-end developer community.


WebRx, a Model–view–viewmodel (MVVM) framework that’s built on top of RX.js for combining together functional and reactive programming patterns that support observable and declarative data binding, client side routing, and templating features.


Angular.js in itself provides a set of modern development and design features for rapid application development, along with Material Design specification Reflections build apps that stay in touch with the most modern approaches.


React allows Reflections to do more smooth front-end development without the need of immersing in the complexity of a front-end framework. React is a JavaScript library that’s being maintained by Facebook, and the main area of expertise behind React is to help developers implement a Virtual DOM; instead output a value called the Virtual DOM.


With Socket Reflections enjoy fully functional real-time communication between the client and the server. Socket is divided into two different parts — the first part is a client-library that runs from the browser, whereas the server-library is built on top of Node.js. Socket works heavily with the WebSocket protocol to provide a transparent experience.


Node.js is built on top of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine and the main purpose of the framework is to help build interaction vigorous web apps like community sites, content streaming websites, feature heavy one-page apps, and other apps that rely on heavy data interaction.


Meteor has in many ways revolutionized the developed of real-time mobile and web applications that can be built from within a singular development interface. Any web application built with Meteor is also automatically compatible with mobile devices — to the point where you can convert your existing web apps into mobile apps and published them on the most popular mobile app stores!


The key features of Knockoutjs are declarative bindings, automatic UI refresh, dependency tracking, and templating features. Relate your existing DOM elements with data models using simple syntax, once data model is updated the changes within UI are reflected in real-time.


Reflections use Backbone to build elegant one-page and single-page applications, it also has the capability to have server-side functions exposed through an API, minimizing the amount of code that needs to be composed in order to achieve the same complex functionality of more sophisticated web frameworks.


D3 is a data-driven visual component library that helps developers and designers to use JavaScript to build truly astonishing visual data reports, artworks, interactive bullet charts, sunburst diagrams, a variety of data matrixes, word clouds, and countless other types of data visualizations that will leave your customers inspired and pleased with the overall presentation. Reflections immense hands on experience on D3.js makes us best placed in the industry to handle d3.js.