Event Smiley

Corporate Photo Booth in Your Hands

Event Smiley is a One Stop iPad-based photo booth, offering custom image framing and Live Uploads to configured social feeds for your Corporate or Marketing event.

Deploying this easy-to-use app will Increase effective floor space at an event, collect validated contact information for visitors to an event and effectively record the event’s popularity, while guiding the publication of event images and collecting statistics related to event attendance for later marketing and sales analysis.

Ducati Abu Dhabi Showroom Inauguration

Ducati were keen to record the showroom inauguration in a fun and effective way, that would also track the social media reach of the event and provide leads for follow-up marketing campaigns.

Client: Ducati UAE
Event: Ducati Abudhabi Showroom Inauguration

2nd H.O.G Bahrain Rally

Harley Davidson were looking to direct the social media distribution of images from the rally in the most effective way. By demonstrating the app early on, and providing iPads for groups of friends to use, images, contact details and statistics were collected from over 90% of attendees

Client: Harley Owners Group, Bahrain

Event: 2nd H.O.G Bahrain Rally

DSO Innovation Festival

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority were looking for a way to publicise not only the innovation of one of its companies, but also to direct official social media posts for the event and to collect meaningful statistics to justify greater management buy-in for the next festival event.

Client: Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

Event: Innovation Festival