Reflex Logistics

Why Reflex Logistics

Reflex Logistics leads you through all of your business workflow, step-by-step, enquiry, quotation, job card and accounting processes in a single, fully integrated, solution.

It enhances your business experience through closer management of each business process with increased efficiency and decreased errors. Reflex Logistics provides management with timely and reliable insight to guide important business decisions.

Reflections’ Reflex Logistics provide solutions to small and medium sized businesses, with a strong, satisfied, customer base worldwide. Reflex Logistics enables our customers to manage their entire business process activities every day with a large database of customers, quotations, job cards, etc.

Reflex Logistics offers the ease of integration, high performance and reliability that companies rely on to increase profitability and deliver a competitive advantage.

At the core, Reflex Logistics has strong financial, operational and customer relationship management features and capabilities to successfully accelerate your business expansion.

There is a separate report module which provides various reports in marketing, quotations, Export/Import Job cards and accounts.

Best Solution

Reflex Logistics is a desktop application that integrates all the business processes for all business verticals.
For each process that exists in your business, no matter how simple or complex, there is an essential Planning element to pull the forecasts, budgets and targets together. Tracking, reporting and integrity of information are the most important aspects of manufacturing for regulated industries.

With Reflex Logistics, you can:

  • Provide seamless integration of planning, materials management and procurement, manufacturing, financial, and business intelligence processes.
  • Make it easy for your employees to do business with each other by standardizing and integrating business processes across the enterprise.

With Reflex Logistics, your company can significantly advance the strategic alignment and efficiency of shipping, accounting, human resource and operational redundancies. It is a powerful set of tools to help you confidently streamline time-consuming accounting processes, manage your complex business, finances, and comply with regulations. This module has the capability of meeting all the accounting and financial needs of an organization.


Reflex Logistics helps logistics companies—from small businesses to mid-size enterprises— to visualize the business more clearly. Integration of data across the enterprise ensures greater visibility in all areas of your business, from daily operations to strategic decision levels. Insight into shipping and financial data makes it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements. A high-level view of key business indicators facilitates faster and more accurate management decisions.

Benefits of Reflex Logistics

  • Availability of the right services, on time. Every time.
  • Timely delivery of goods to your customers.
  • Collecting the business data for analysis and better planning.
  • Ensures your shipping, marketing and customer service resources are being used to maximum effect.
  • Ensures that you meet customer service level agreements.
  • Boosts productivity and increased resource efficiency & Minimizes administration costs.

Key Features


Reflex Logistics:

Each of the modules in Reflex Logistics is specialized to handle specific business processes. Depending on an organization’s needs, required modules are integrated & customized. The full list of modules are introduced below:


  • Create and maintain customer contact and account information.
  • Create a detailed record of services offered and service providers.
  • Manage the rates of providers based on the service offered.
  • Add/Configure settings, currency, locations, ports
  • Create and manage shipping line and supplier records
  • Creating marketing plans for sales executives and manage their daily visits
Enquiry Management
  • Lead/Enquiry creation
  • Converting enquiries to quotations
Quotation Management
  • Create quotations for customers
  • Quotation approval
  • Converting quotations to job cards
Job card Management
  • Export or Import FCL – Container operations, booking, manifest, clearance, port advice, quote verification, Invoice generation, manage documents
  • LCL-AIR – document management, costing, Invoice generation.
  • Road transportation
HR Management
  • Department management
  • Employee data management
  • Employee tracking
  • Employee document management
User Management
  • Create and manage users
  • User role management
  • Manage and control access rights
  • Job card reports
  • Marketing reports
  • Quotation reports
  • Accounts reports
  • MIS Reports
  • Payments
  • Receipts
  • Invoicing

Enquiry and Quotations

This is the key area for commercial organizations to build up their business. By using Reflex Logistics enquiry and quotation Module, your company can enter the leads/enquiry, access the leads and convert them to opportunities, view all sales enquiry list, convert it to quotations, View Status and convert these quotes into job cards.

Lead/Enquiry Management

Timely Enquiry or lead management increases the possibility of increased revenue. Leads with enquiry and customer details are provided which gives an opening for quotation opportunity.


Create quotes in just a few clicks. Use predefined services, rates and details to simplify the task. Quotation details available with related customer, supplier and service providers with option to send quotation to customers.

Managing quotes for different customers

Quotations vary for different customers. For frequent customers, the quotations can be reused by extending the validity period.
Quotations are created by the sales person, and they require approval from the manager to be converted to a job card. Every job card is created on the basis of a quotation.


  • Quotation approval
  • View history
  • Manage documents
  • Direct job card creation link for approved quotes.


Job card Management

When combined with enquiry and quotations, the job card management module provides a comprehensive, fully integrated logistics system.
All associated Activities starting from container operations, booking, manifest update, clearance, port advice, OBL update and invoice generation can be executed/handled by this section. It includes many features like job splitting, merging, and port of destination change after manifest. Also a general document management system is attached with all types of job cards.


All the export FCL operations are handled in separate section. This includes all the operations in FCL type job cards like booking, manifest update. The job card operations are completed after generating an invoice and closing the job card.


Import FCL sections deals with the Import operations for multi containers.


This section deals with LCL operations for both sea and AIR types separately. This also includes costing, invoice generations and document updates


A separate section for handling only road transport operations with a facility of costing, accounts view and invoice generation.


  • Advance booking
  • Advance invoicing
  • Job card split
  • Job card merge
  • Port of destination change after manifesting
  • Document management
  • View history



Create and send professional invoices and receive payments online. Control customer invoices and get a clear forecast of your future bills to be paid. You can track transaction details and information on-screen and in printed reports.

Accounting integrates with job card module, so you always know the status of your accounts payable and receivable.


  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Receipts
  • Accounts reports


Manage reports that are produced on a recurring basis. To achieve this, Reflex Logistics provide a separate application which includes all types of reporting required in a logistics company. Separate reports for employees and management are available, all with print option. The system allows you to view the report and enables a printing with print preview as separate screen.

Quotation based reports include sales person wise quotations and port wise closed quotations. Separate reports for export and import job card operations are available. Accounts reports contains expense report and sales reports for both export and import operations.

MIS reports give a clear idea of overall activities in the system by giving graphical representations of data, based on defined periods.

Main Reports

  • Quotation reports
  • Job card reports
  • Accounts reports
  • Marketing reports
  • MIS Reports

HR Management

Reflex Logistics HR module provides full employee list and department list, with all underlying details. It helps to easily access and track employee’s personal information’s including passport, visa, Employee Contract details, Employee official details and records. Department wise management of employees and records.

Employee document management

Managing all employees and applicant’s documents by their name or document type
Employee contact details and personal documents such as passport, visa, Insurance details etc. can be entered and the related document can be added and saved.

Employee Data Management

Employee general information, photo, contact details, department and designation details, work permit information, emergency contacts can be easily accessed and used


User Management

Create Users and manage user profiles in an efficient way. Manage groups and users at various levels and grant or restrict permissions. The module enables and improves the security of the data and financial flows between users.

User Control

The module permits flexible and efficient method for handling security and user access. We can create different user roles and give permission to users for your organization as required.


Our Proud Customers

As an upshot from our commitment to delivering high quality service, the majority of our business comes from existing clients and referrals. Developing great partnerships with our clients is very important to us and we’ve helped over 300 businesses, from internet startups to global corporations, deliver winning web strategies.
Whether selling online, generating leads, building a brand, shouting about a great cause or bringing communities together, our clients all have a common goal; the desire to succeed, and we’re proud to have played a significant role in their achievements.

Al Karsf Express and Logistics

Al Karsf is one of our prime customer who is growing their business with the support of Reflex Logistics. They are one of the leading multi-model freight forwarders in the Middle East, backed by the professional experience, the management skills and the financial strength. All their business processes involving shipping, accounting, services and HR are handled by Reflex Logistics


Al Karsf was previously handling all their business processes manually with the aid of some basic spreadsheets and assorted documents. They were facing major issues handling a growing amount of data, along with the additional time required for error checking and resolution. As a result of continuous growth and development in the KSA logistics sector, they had a huge and urgent need for an efficient solution to improve business processes and grow the business itself.

The Solution:

Al Karsf found Reflex Logistics system from Reflections to be the best solution for implementation, with customized functionality designed to handle all business processes in a Single Logistics System. Reflex Logistics was designed with an integrated robust core of modules for quotation management, job card management, accounting and HR management.

The Result:

Al Karsf now relies on Reflex Logistics to set daily job cards, forecast shipping activities, manage customers and suppliers, employee data and documentation handling and all accounting activities. The analysis Reports works as an add-on to improve the whole efficiency by analyzing the status of all the customers and suppliers.
Al Karsf was able to improve the accounting efficiency by easy handling of quotations, job cards and invoices. Along the way they are able to view and handle the status of all activities in all stages of a process. Al Karsf is now fully operating with significantly less errors, increased quality, and efficient, streamlined, operations.


  • Optimized efficiency of business operations
  • Improved accounting accuracy
  • Supported sales growth
  • Eliminated excess data entry
  • Saved hours of resource over-time
  • Speed invoice turnaround
  • Optimized operations as a result of timely management
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced Data errors
  • Leveraged better operational planning