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My experiments with ISO 9001:2015!

ISO had published the latest revision of their popular Quality Management System Standard in September 2015. There were a lot of discussions/presentations/trainings etc. on the implementation/changes of the new standard, and are still going on….

I had the experience of providing for one of the companies in Technopark, consultation services for implementing ISO 9001:2015. The certification audit was conducted by TÜV Rheinland and the company was recommended for certification.

Here I am briefing some key changes of the new standard.

New structure:

Easier from an implementer’s point of view. For those who are dealing with multiple standards/management systems, their life is going to be easy.


Throw away the old concepts of QMS documentation before approaching this new international standard. Omission of Quality Manual is a very welcome move. But like the TUV auditor rightly pointed out, maintaining a presentation/excel sheet with a small description of the clause by clause implementation would be a very good reference for the internal audience.

There are documents mandated by the new standard, but very reasonable. Except the documents mandated by the standard, rest can be decided by the organization considering certain factors. Do not document anything which is not value adding, that is the key.

Risk Based thinking:

Among the major changes, I feel this is the most important one – implementing risk based thinking. A Challenging but interesting concept for implementation. If done effectively, it will resolve hell lot of challenges faced by any organization.

Risk based thinking should not end up with just another multi colored Excel sheet like a Risk Register. Develop the culture of risk based thinking from planning to all other areas of operation. This is a concept incorporating preventive action mentioned in the previous versions of the standard.

Role of Leadership:

Now the leadership can’t vanish after appointing an MR/Quality Manager for QMS implementation. A more proactive and engaging role is required from the leadership for the effective implementation and maintenance of the QMS.

Service friendly:

New standard has more clarity on service based operations. I can confirm this based on the implementation of the standard in an IT company.

To summarize, the new standard is engaging for leadership, easier for implementers, challenging for auditors, good for the organization and a terminator for traditional MRs 🙂 !

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