Microsoft Technologies

“Passionate” with Microsoft .NET

The Reflections .NET Practice team drive architecture models and best practices. Thought leadership and knowledge asset creation in the Microsoft product and technology space is a continues and passionate process for Reflections.

ASP.NET MVC Applications

The unique and proven reflections MVC stack which is efficiently running behind many of our enterprise customer applications is carefully built with performance, scalability, security, rapid development and maintainability in mind.

Responsive UI and Twitter Bootstrap

Reflections is well experienced in creating Responsive UI based on various browser platforms and devices. This is well tied with MVC and HTML5 to give a standardized UI experience for customers.

Single Page Web Apps (AngularJS)

Reflections has distinct advantage of building extremely rich user experience web apps with one page using the Angular framework. The UI experience works seamlessly with REST model Web API’s and Json. The template feature is leveraged thoughtfully for future reuse and kept in store as Reflections IP.

MVVM Model with ASP.NET MVC with Knockout.JS

Reflections has extensive experience in creating rich user applications that are easily maintainable using knockout.js which provides MV* design philosophy to ASP.NET MVC views.

Single Sign On Integration – Okta, One Login, SAML

Reflections middleware integration team has successfully used SAML, Okta and One Login for integrating wide range of applications using the SSO concept.

Windows PC Application Development

The key skilled developers have delivered high performing and user rich applications using WPF/XAML using Metro style applications for Windows 8 and other windows based platforms. Also Reflections has used SCM extensively in creating .NET WinForms based applications for managing the needs of large enterprises.

Windows Phone 8/8.1 Applications

Reflections expertise in creating “genuinely designed for windows” applications suits windows mobile 8 design strategy and Windows store approval process, we are also specialized in redesigning and porting other platform applications to suit windows mobile 8 platforms.

Code First Approach

Reflections has hands on experience in creating applications using the code first approach. The Code First Approach provides an alternative to the Database First and Model First approaches to the Entity Data Model and creates a database on the classes.

It gives flexibility to transform coded classes into a database application, which means code first define domain model using POCO (plain old CLR object) class rather than using an xml – based EDMX files. The model classes becomes the domain model, which is integrated to EF..


Reflections uses Docker as a container for application deployments. Docker lets you build and run apps, more quickly, with less hardware. It’s possible to run hundreds of containers on a server which could only run a handful of VMs, and containers are fast to deploy and can be versioned like the software they run.

Dapper (Dapper.NET)

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.Reflections uses Dapper which is the second fastest ORM for high performing web applications. Dapper.NET is an Open-Source, lightweight ORM and is compatible with any database which implements a provider for .NET.

Microsoft Windows Azure

Reflections Windows Azure team is predominantly focused in helping customers to leverage the advantages of Microsoft Cloud Computing Platform. The team so far worked with migrating key customers to Azure Cloud and it helped its customers realize the benefits of cloud computing.