Odoo Services

A full range of integrated and automated business solution. Tailor, design and craft it for your business process – not just a ready made ERP system, no need to change your operations to the way the software works.

A powerful ERP solution where in each and every sections/ departments and locations are integrated into one.The integrated system manages and distribute the entire data/information across 3000+ modules as sales and marketing, accounting, manufacturing, purchase, human resource and delivering minimum duplication, reduced redundant data and increased data security.

Reflections Odoo solution

We hear your requirements, analyse nature of business, study the business flow and provide you with tailored solution that meets your business needs. Our team of functional and technical experts will work with you to customize the software with required modules to deliver Odoo as a product built for you.

Functional Consultancy: Our functional consultants are capable of iterating your ideas and thoughts and liaise the possibilities to identify the best solution. Gathering end to end requirements which is the key element for a successful delivery.

Implementation and configuration: Installation and setup of Odoo is easy, going for a perfect installation selection of operating system and hosting is one main factor. Our team will support you on proper installation setup.

Customization: A solution is “solving a problem” how complex it is, Crafting a problem to match the solution or cracking it partly is not a solution. Delivering tailored fit ERP system harmonizing with the business flow is our commit ending with a happy customer and a successful project.

Up gradation: Starting from Open ERP v6 to current Odoo version 9 Odoo gets upgraded with additional features time to time. Upgrading the existing system is essential to explore the new added features and to streamline the system. Reflections expertise provides up gradation services with full data migration without disturbing the existing flow.

Third Party Integration: Integrating with a third party software can be a vital for a successful system. Reflections provides third-party integration with odoo, we already have integrated Odoo modules with popular third party applications as Magento, Opencart .

Support and maintenance: Reflections provide a dedicated team for support and maintenance. Support is provided for V7 to latest version 9 from simple to complex enquiries. We value customer relation and will be in touch at the earliest.