Software Testing Service

What we offer

Quality is never an accident. At Reflections we believe that software testing plays a vital role in making software solutions fit for purpose. Success for us is, being able to make software solutions fit for purpose with optimal testing and minimum cost. For this we offer a lean approach to testing where – documentation is limited, activities are chosen based on the value they bring to customer, testing effort is focused on features that really matter, requirements are challenged for their clarity/value and testers are empowered to make decisions of testing strategy.

Types of testing

At Reflections, we are capable of executing functional, system, usability, security, compatibility, performance and automated testing to help prove a software solution is fit for purpose.

Tools we embrace

There is a variety of tools that we use for software testing at Reflections. Here are a few.


Used to test the performance of websites. Test scenarios are captured in JMeter UI mode and then subjected to load test in non-UI mode using Apache Ant.


Used to automate web application testing. Modularized scripts for the application under test is created in a keyword driven framework. Reports on the execution status are sent via email.


Used for finding vulnerabilities within a web applications for a defined scan rule. This tool uses the active scan and spidering mode to navigate through the website and generate useful reports.

Acunetix WVS Online Scan

This is an online security scanning tool. Acunetix is able to find a much greater number of vulnerabilities because of its intelligent analysis engine – it can even detect DOM Cross-Site Scripting and Blind SQL Injection vulnerabilities. Reports generated during online scan has good amount of detail.


Appium allows you to automatically interact with your app by exploiting the behavior of the components available in the user interface. It is a mobile test automation framework that can be used for scripting an android mobile application using its remote web driver.

SeeTest Automation

This is a mobile automation tool where the scripts can be recorded. Scripts recorded on one device can be run on multiple device without any modifications.

Visual Studio

Used to load test web applications. Visual studio offers unlimited virtual users for loading testing. Scripts are created by recording web requests and responses.

TestCase DB

Used for test case management. This tool provides a simple way to write, execute and store test results.

Good Docs

Used for variety of purposes from test scripting, defects, test plans to reports.

Redmine used for defect management. Redmine provides a very intuitive interface to report and manage defects across multiple projects.

Our Delighted Customers

Medicomp – USA

MetalCeilingExpress – USA

Mediagistics – USA

Qualitick – USA

OpsGuard – USA


GPP – Australia

Sportz4U – India

Juice Promotions – Australia

Nomadic – UAE

Novo Cinemas – UAE

Taylor Wines – Australia

AskBaghil – Saudi


Ohm Motors – USA

City Guru – Portugal

AlSorayai – Saudi

Ryan Tyres – Australia

Ducati – Dubai